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About Invictus

Invictus, is Latin for The Unconquered. It's the name the original players would best describe our spirit and stamina.

We are an end game guild who will focus on leveling, bosses, and on each other. I will run a GRB and I know how to accomplish good GRB results.

Anywho this post is not about me; it's about what I can do for you. So Grab a beer and listen up eh?

Level Requirements for Invictus

We are currently accepting all Levels! There is a preference that you are a pvper, and of good standing with the community and the guild! We encourage you to attend GRB, if you are online, on Saturdays at 12:00 PST


(We're pretty laid back, and like to joke around, and there's nothing forcing you to level up and participate in all zones . But, if you are available Saturdays 12:00 PST, We insist you attend!)

Guild Rules
Read up on the Terms of Service, and upon the Player Ethics Guide. Dry Reads, but they are as good as gold in my guild. Violate major rules here will result in kicks.... minor ones warnings. It's supposed to be a game fun for everyone... let's keep it that way.

In addition I have a few personal rules to add. They may not be against game rules but are against mine.

  1. There will be no truces with the other faction. I Do however expect you to treat them with respect, and to not start Drama, even between factions.
  2. No Begging for pwrlevels. Higher levels may do so, but in no way are you to beg in GC. In your own chats and TC, go for it.
  3. Guild will work on a informal drop system based on raids and you will have to help to get gear, with the exception of those items which I can acquire solo for you.
  4. Try to keep GC out of TC and Flaming/Bashing out of TC, even when provoked. It takes a bit of maturity, I know, but you can handle it *wink wink.
  5. Always try to help others if you can. This doesn't mean taking any of your valuable time to go pwrlevel someone when you have other plans. It means, if someone needs a ress, help them. Little things become big favors.
  6. Have Fun. In order to ensure this I want everyone in my guild to give me opinions, and make decisions together. The only opinion I wont accept is one who gives in and says, stay small, when we obviously can grow and become powerful.
  7. Leveling is your responsibility. Do not beg for pwrlevels. Problem solving is a good skill to learn to level!
  8. Please Sign up and modify Account Names according to your main In Game Name. It helps me track who is who on Guildlaunch forums.


Expectations at bosses that we do (optional):

  • Listen to Orders when they are given, and try to understand them
  • If a guide is available, read it and if you have any questions, clarify with an officer or senior player before it is time FOR the Boss
  • Bosses Have a 2 hour Spawn Window ( like 4:00 PST to 6:00 PST ). This means the boss can spawn randomly ANY time within that period.
  • If an Officer is not on during a said boss we are tracking, I still expect player to attend to get the time, or attempt to take the boss.
  • Please no foul language, or emoting, or chatting in Common Chat. It is a distraction from the task of the boss, and unwelcome.
  • If you are AFK during a boss, Please let the raid know, Leave Raid, or shut down the game, so we are not expecting you to do a job you are not there to do.

Kick Conditions:

  1. Harassing other players continually without remorse
  2. Lack of Team spirit and absolute lack of respect for authority

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